Global Supply Chain Strategy Developed By Stunsl

The Stunsl Group was hired to develop a five year supply chain strategy for a client, which has global manufacturing locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Each location manufactures similar products for their geographic locations and there is very little overlap in suppliers and processes. The client is launching a global product platform that will have 80 percent component commonality and 20 percent regionally specific product content. Each site had its own base of suppliers, which are located close to the manufacture site. 

Stunsl’s task was to develop a global supply chain strategy, specific supply chain management tools, and an implementation plan. Stunsl interviewed over 40 key stakeholders worldwide to understand the current state of the client’s supply chain and then develop the future state strategy, which included the establishment of a stream-lined global supplier base, inventory and logistics, shipping/freight requirements while concurrently introducing “Green Practices” throughout the supply chain. 
Stunsl solutions included organization changes, introduction of new supplier evaluation tools, and global cost modeling tools to drive cost reduction and overall process improvement throughout the supply chain.