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Bob Plummer worked within the famous Toyota / General Motors joint venture, NUMMI, in the 80s, where he learned the Toyota Production System directly from Toyota management. Shortly after, Bob left GM to become the CEO of a plastics manufacturing company and transformed that company using TPS principles into a profit machine.

Two decades later, Bob is leading the Stunsl OpEx practice with 30 years of battle scars to help you with your efforts in operational improvement. Stunsl’s project yield both first-year ROI and long-term transformational value for your culture.


With hundreds of successful projects and transformations completed, we have a proven way to move the needle in disparate business models.


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Practice Leader

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Telecommunications Company


A leading supplier of global telecommunication equipment based in Canada hired The Stunsl Group at the suggestion of the President of the Board of Directors after the company had just come though CCAA (Canada’s version of Chapter 11).  As a result of the restructuring, the firm completely outsourced all manufacturing, drastically reduced its operations group, and was starting to miss customer delivery commitments.


The Stunsl Group quickly assessed their needs and developed and implemented action plans.  Plans included organizational restructuring throughout the operations group and supply chain organization.  Stunsl identified new suppliers and renegotiated relationships with existing suppliers establishing global supply agreements which focused on cost and delivery improvements.  In addition, members of the Stunsl Group temporarily took on key leadership roles within the company as VP of Operations and Director of Supply Chain Management. 


A Sales and Operational Planning process was also developed and implemented allowing the company to continue its improvements after the engagement was completed.


Within 6 months the company was again meeting customer requirements and improving cash flow.