International Business Development

Does your manufacturing or distribution business possess untapped sales growth potential in international markets?  Most business leaders haven't given this opportunity much thought because they lack experience in other markets required to identify opportunities.  From experience, we can tell you that the potential pay-off of exporting can be extremely rich.
Why?  International sales are usually incremental sales for your business.  They can be fulfilled using existing idle capacity within your operations and overhead.  Also, associated selling expense is usually minimal.  The result is the potential for higher margins on export sales than you are used to in your domestic market.
Is there opportunity overseas for my business?  The weakened value of the dollar world-wide (i.e. over 40% versus the Euro since 2004) has created many opportunities for export sales, especially for technology products.
How can you be sure there is opportunity before you embark on a consulting engagement?  Before we begin an engagement with you, we will explore with you the potential incremental sales in you industry or business.  If we both conclude there is potential, we will collaborate with you to reach a conceptual agreement of a project, offer a proposal, and then get started. 
We employ our Discover, Synthesize, and Realize process to analyze your business and identify international market opportunities.  We then synthesize export and business development strategies and implementation plans.  Finally, we work with you to execute the plans and realize desired results.
Tools commonly employed to build your international business are:
  • International manufacturers representatives
  • Partnerships with distributors in international markets
  • Sales effort focused on large customers in international markets
  • International technical support resources
  • Customs support resources and freight consolidation providers
  • Sales and marketing joint ventures
  • Licensing agreements

Our experience growing international businesses and using these tools can create substantial incremental revenue, profit, and cash flow for your business. 

Practice Leader

International Business Development
Practice Leader

Client Impact

The following is an example of a firm Bob Plummer, the Practice Leader, personally managed.  A $200 million packaging company was looking for there next big win in its International Division.  Growth strategies were developed and implemented, including product launches in new markets, license agreements, joint ventures, distribution agreements, and acquisitions.  The results was $33.6 million of international revenue growth over a three year period.  Even more significant, the strategies resulted in greater than average margins and EBITDA increased by $6.3 million during the same period.