Executive Coaching

As consultants, we have the unique privilege of working with hundreds of bright, successful clients.  All of them have something in common, they possess a special skill, quality, knowledge, or trait that has enabled them to be successful.  Many of them are extraordinarily successful. 
If you have been a leader for a while, you probably have concluded that while you have excellent qualities, there are a few areas where it is more difficult for you to excel.   Most successful people come to that conclusion.

A few of the people who become the most successful, however, decide to take action to strengthen themselves in their weak areas.   They seek out and surround themselves with people who possess strengths in their areas of weakness.  This is a trait of businesses' best leaders.
 We have had the privilege of coaching scores of successful executives.  When the strengths of our individual consultants are paired with your strengths, outstanding combined strength and success is the result. 
If you have a particular area of need, we would like to discuss how we may complement you.  If we don't have the right match for your need, we will tell you and do our best to find a resource who does. 

Practice Leader

Executive Coaching
Practice Leader

Client Impact

Real Estate Developer

A very successful builder approached us for assistance when the $140 million development he was managing found itself in jeopardy.  Equally troubling, several issues beyond his control with the majority investors in the development significantly complicated the process of identifying a successful path forward. 
The builder approached Stunsl and we entered into a long-term Executive Coaching relationship that has enabled him to develop strategies and implement plans to successfully address the financial and partnership issues he faced.  
The result has been an excellent partnership and friendship that has made a significant positive impact for the client.