Competitive Strategy

Is your company's strategy defined?  Have you clearly identified your value proposition and competitive advantage?  Have you intentionally positioned your firm in a niche among your competition?  Have you defined your target customer?  Do you have a solid understanding of current industry trends?  Do you have successful competitive strategies in place in all of these areas?
If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you can benefit from developing a comprehensive competitive strategy for your business. 
What are the benefits?  An effective competitive strategy will effectively guide the growth and increase the profitability of your company.   You can beat your competition and become the market share leader in your market.  Your company can have long-term success with the right competitive strategy.
We develop your strategy through a collaborative effort with you and your leadership team.  We utilize our Discover, Synthesize, and Realize process to define the right strategy for your firm and to generate the results you seek.  At the conclusion of the process, you will have a successful competitive strategy that possesses definitions of the following elements:
  • Vision - your minds eye view of your company, which will guide the organization
  • Mission - how you will make your vision become a reality
  • Sustainable competitive advantage -  how you be successful winning customers
  • Market analysis - trends and factors relevant to your strategy
  • Competitive positioning - how you will uniquely position yourself among your competition
  • Target markets and target customers - what are they and how will we serve them with value
  • Product and service offering strategies - how you will create value for customers and profit for your company
  • Sales and marketing strategies - how you will position, promote, price, and distribute your offering
  • Operations strategies - how you will fulfill requirements and generate competitive advantage
  • Financial and capital strategies - how you will finance operations and growth
These elements will enable you to transform your company to become the best in its industry, maximizing growth and cash flow and building value.

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Competitive Strategy
Practice Leader

Client Impact

Wealth Management Firm

Our client had been experiencing an extended period of stagnant revenue and was dissatisfied with lackluster results of their marketing and sales efforts.  A significant amount of resources was being expended with poor results.  
We collaborated with the client and his management team to discover why their current strategy was ineffective and synthesize a successful strategy for their firm.  We analyzed their competition, the market, their competitive advantage, existing marketing and sales strategies, and client profitability.  Based upon our analysis, we determined how best their firm's competitive advantage met the needs of client segments more successfully than their competition.  We identified which of those client segments could be profitably served by the firm.  The results was a competitive strategy that has enabled the company to focus its sales and marketing efforts on market segments and target customers where the firms competitive advantage enables it to attract new clients, provide value, beat their competition, and generate superior profits.