Cash Flow Creation

The Cash Flow Creation© process is effective and proven to increase your cash flow.  Bob Plummer, the firm's Practice Leader has been using this process for 15 years to increase the cash flow of businesses.  During that period, he has built a track record of recurring annual cash flow increases of from 5 to 25% of sales, year-after-year.  During his career, Bob has used this process to create over $100 million of new cash flow.
What makes the process so effective?  The strength of the process lies in the Discovery and Synthesize steps, through which we discover the problems in your business that are having the most significant negative impact on your cash flow and synthesize solutions.  To give you an idea of typical problems, the following is a partial list of typical sales revenue related problems that affect cash flow:
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Unprofitable products or services
  • Poor sales force performance
  • Ineffective marketing and promotion
  • Misguided pricing policies
  • Ineffective A/R collection processes
  • Failure to promote profitable products or services
  • Incomplete product or service offering
  • Lack of new, profitable products and services
There are many more potential problems we typically find in other functional areas:  operations, supply chain, administration, engineering, and finance.
We discover problems through an assessment of your business.  We collect both financial data and a large amount of data from interviews of key employees.   Our analysis results in the creation of a list of the top five to ten opportunities to generate cash flow for your company.   The Discovery process usually takes from 6 to 12 weeks.  It is critical that the assessment analysis is thorough and complete so that the top problems or opportunities for improvement are accurately identified.
We then synthesize results-driven strategies to address each of the priority problem areas.  For example, change your product and service mix by dropping unprofitable items, adding new items similar to your most profitable items, and promoting them using your most cost effective sales techniques.  
As a rule, over 80% of the work associated with improving cash flow is performed in the Discovery and Synthesize steps. 
Execution of those plans follows your approval of the plans.  After the plans have been implemented, we evaluate the results generated to assure that our goals have been realized.  If they haven't, we analyze why and develop alternative strategies to reach our goals. 
This is a robust process that is proven and effective at creating cash flow in your business.

Practice Leader

Cash Flow Improvement
Practice Leader

Client Impact

CPA Firm
A small CPA firm had undergone significant management and employee turnover during the three years preceding our engagement.  During that period, production efficiencies had declined significantly and leadership hired Stunsl to solve the problem and install improved management processes for A/R and Billing.   Methods to better balance workload with employee hours enabled the the restructuring of the firm to reduce manpower and still have adequate resources to meet client commitments.  The result of our work was an immediate cash flow increase equivalent to 20% of sales.