Case Studies / ROI

We deliver results that generate value and create a positive impact for our clients. Our projects bring high ROI because we combined decades of operational experience with high "customer empathy" - we deeply understand what the "win" is and how to find it.
We have successfully completed hundreds of projects.   While each of them is unique, they all generate permanent gains and ROI...
CASE STUDY:  Output Improvement
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My partner and I were at an impasse over how to value our business and structure my buy-out of his 50% interest. The Stunsl Group completed business valuations and proposed and mediated a purchase agreement that we both felt was fair and equitable.

Jeff Tullis, CEO Accent Outdoor Lighting


Breakthrough client relationships

Providing successful results for our clients begins with building a breakthrough relationship.  We strive to build client relationships upon a solid foundation consisting of:

  • Trust and candor
  • Collaboration to meet a need
  • Going the extra mile
  • Treating clients as partners